Rebecca Spang

Director of LAMP, on leave 2022-2023
Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP)
516 N. Fess Avenue


Professor Spang came to IU ten years ago, after spending a decade at University College London. A historian of consumption, politics, and culture, she has written about the history of restaurants and about money and the French Revolution. Her recent Stuff and Money in the Time of the French Revolution (Harvard University Press, 2015) was named a Financial Times book of the year and has resulted in invitations to write for the FT, World Policy Journal, and History News Network. She maintains an active interest in the history of  money and often teaches a course on the subject. When she is not thinking about money and history or directing the Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies, she enjoys spending time in Maine with her scientist husband and their little white dog. Professor Spang has taught a number of LAMP classes throughout the years. The list includes: LAMP-M 303 "Business and Inequality," LAMP-M 401 "Management + Human Organization Capstone Seminar," a section of LAMP-L 216 called "Luxury: From Mortal Sin to Market Sector," and LAMP-X 298 "Challenges of Life and Work in the 21st Century."

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