Career Preparation

Illuminate your career path.

From the moment you enter LAMP, your LAMP advisors will help you begin a process of self-assessment, life planning, and career development that illuminates your best path to meaningful work.

Start Your Career Development Early

Career exploration is central to LAMP, and we believe there's no time to waste. All LAMP sophomores take LAMP X298, our career development course.

Find Your Pathways to Professionalism

LAMP juniors and seniors who are looking for internships, research projects, and full-time employment opportunities know that it pays to be active in the Pathways to Professionalism series.

Examples of Pathways to Professionalism events and activities include:

  • Etiquette dinners
  • Leadership luncheons
  • Resume consulting
  • Internship fair prep sessions
  • Mock interview tutorials
  • Communication and networking workshops

Learn from Successful Leaders

You'll want to attend panels and workshops with our LAMP alumni and other outstanding leaders. Professionals from highly sucessful companies—like Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola—visit campus to work with LAMP students on career planning and finding job opportunities.

Move Forward with Confidence

When you graduate, you'll have the experience and preparation to move forward with confidence. Employers value college graduates in liberal arts and sciences who have backgrounds in business and management.

LAMP alumni are frequently placed in nonprofit organizations, investments and finance, and management and change consulting—like LAMP graduate Erika Gustafson, business analyst for Target. Many go on to attend medical school, law school, and other graduate programs.