Honors Certificate Program

Students earning the LAMP Honors Certificate take classes that draw together business, economics, and liberal arts. Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in each of the following courses. Learn about courses unique to LAMP.

When it was launched in 1988-1989, LAMP was based in the Honors College. 

The Honors Certificate remains LAMP's flagship program, and our proudest legacy.

To receive a LAMP Honors Certificate certificate, students must have an overall minimum GPA of 3.3 at the time of graduation.

A. LAMP classes that emphasize critical thinking, quantitative analysis, intensive writing, and interdisciplinary learning.

  1. LAMP L216 (LAMP Sophomore Seminar: Business and Humanities).
  2. LAMP X215 (Critical Thinking Lab). A 1 credit, 8-week class, taken in conjunction with LAMP L216.
  3. LAMP X298 (Challenges of Life and Work in the 21st Century). This course is taken during spring of the sophomore year.
  4. LAMP L316 (LAMP Junior Seminar: Analytical Problem Solving).
  5. LAMP L416 (LAMP Senior Seminar: Liberal Arts and Management).

B. Courses in the IU College of Arts and Sciences that are foundational to the study of management and business.

  1. ECON E201* or ECON S201* (Introduction to Microeconomics).
  2. ECON E202*or ECON S202* (Introduction to Macroeconomics).
  3. One of these three courses: MATH M118, S118, or A118 (Finite Math)
    or one of these two courses:
    MATH M119 (Brief Survey of Calculus)
    MATH M211 (Calculus I)
    or MATH M213 (Accelerated Calculus).

C. Courses in the IU Kelley School of Business that develop technical business skills.

  1. BUS A200* (Foundations of Accounting).
    or these two courses combined: BUS A100* (Basic Accounting Skills); BUS A201* (Introduction to Accounting).
  2. BUS K201, BUS K204, or CSCI A110*. A course on computers and technology in business.
  3. BUS L201 or BUS L293* (Legal Environment of Business).
  4. BUS X333 (Managing Business Functions).
  5. BUS Z302 or BUS Z304 (Managing and Behavior in Organizations). Or an approved substitute.

* Strongly recommended that you take these before LAMP L316