How to Apply

Be one of the 100 new LAMP students who start our honors-level certificate program every year.

Apply to LAMP!

The two LAMP application periods are:

Feb. 1–March 31: Application period for IU freshmen and sophomores

Sept. 1–30: Application period for IU sophomores only

1. Complete the Online Application Form

The application form is available at the end of this page during the two application periods.* You'll be asked to list your extracurricular activities and describe why you want to join the LAMP community. The short essay question allows you to showcase your writing and argumentation skills.

* The online application form is not available from April 1 through August 31, nor from October 1 through January 31.

2. Provide One Letter of Recommendation

Your recommendor will need to fill out the LAMP online recommendation form during the application period. Recommendations carry the most weight when they come from a faculty member or an Associate Instructor (AI) who taught you at IU—preferably someone who can comment on your academic interests and abilities. Recommendations should not come from a relative, a friend, or someone from your high school.

Recommendations Deadline

The deadline for recommendations is the last day of the application period. Get to know your recommender before asking them to recommend you, inform them of the deadline, be sure to allow them plenty of time, and direct them to the online form for submitting the recommendation.

Who Can Apply

Students with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 are encouraged to apply for admittance to LAMP one semester in advance. (To receive a LAMP certificate, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 at the time of graduation.) The program lasts through the senior year.

Freshmen and Sophomores

IU freshmen and sophomores pursuing a degree in the IU College of Arts and Sciences may apply to LAMP. If you are currently pursuing a degree outside the College but intend to transfer to the College, you can still apply.

Haven't decided on a major yet? No worries. LAMP advisors will help you explore your options—and help you decide if LAMP is right for you.


We do, on occasion, accept juniors into the program. Juniors will need to look at the LAMP certificate requirements with a LAMP advisor to make sure that everything can be completed on time before graduation.

The LAMP Application is currently unavailable. Applications will be accepted effective September 1st.