Becoming the leader you were meant to be is a simple equation.

How does a chemistry student become a patents advisor for lifesaving inventions? How does a love for studio art lead to a career directing community design projects? Combine your interests with a foundation in management courses, and you’ll learn how to influence and direct what matters to you.

Find Your Formula for a Perfect Career

It’s never business as usual in the honors certificate program at LAMP, the Liberal Arts and Management Program at the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences. Our honors certificate students come together from wildly different majors—like astronomy, musical theatre, neuroscience, and apparel merchandising—to earn credentials that bridges the liberal arts and business.

More and more, employers are looking for graduates from the liberal arts and sciences who know how to manage projects, people, systems, and organizations. Through courses in the College and the IU Kelley School of Business, LAMP students challenge the status quo, explore many perspectives, boost their credentials, and prepare to become great leaders

Be a LAMPer for Life

This is a community of passionate and dedicated thinkers. One of the greatest benefits of earning a LAMP certificate is studying and working with LAMP students, staff, and alumni. Discover why "LAMPers" will quickly become your BFFs for life.

We invite you to learn more, apply, and contact us with your questions.