Our Faculty

Like LAMP students, LAMP instructors are intellectually curious and civically engaged. And they enjoy a lively debate.

LAMP attracts highly talented professors from a range of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Kelley School of Business. Our instructors will tell you their LAMP classes are their favorites—that's because they welcome the opportunity to dig deeply into important issues, questions, and problems from multiple perspectives.

You'll find LAMP faculty eager to get to know you, and very supportive of your interests and passions. Below, you can see a list of our 2022-2023 faculty members. 

  • Photo of LAMP Faculty Member Sara Cochran

    Sara Cochran
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Business
    Hodge Hall 3100
    Phone: 812-855-4583

  • Vivian Holloran

    Vivian Halloran
    Professor, Departments of English and American Studies; Interim Director of LAMP (2022-2023)
    Ballantine Hall 557

  • Photo of Josh Hasler, LAMP faculty member for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Josh Hasler
    Visiting Lecturer, English

  • Tim Lemper

    Tim Lemper
    Clinical Professor of Business Law
    Hodge Hall 428
    Phone: (812) 855-9308

  • Eric Metzler

    Eric Metzler
    Instructional Consultant
    Phone: (812) 855-7119

  • Michael Marrone

    Michael Morrone
    Teaching Professor
    Phone: (812) 856-0668

  • John Robison

    John Robison
    Lecturer (Philosophy)
    Sycamore Hall Rm 123
    Phone: (812) 855-5998

  • LAMP faculty member April Sellers.

    April Sellers
    Clinical Professor of Business
    HH 4080

  • Carl Weinberg

    Carl Weinberg
    Teaching Professor, College of Arts and Sciences Adjunct Associate Professor of History
    Woodburn 221E
    Phone: (812) 856-5111

  • Micheal Weinman

    Michael Weinman
    Visiting Assistant Professor