Our Community

You'll love being a "LAMPer."

Yep, "LAMPers." That's what Liberal Arts and Management Program students call each other. We love being part of this family—a family that grows every year, as more students graduate and become successful alumni.

Seeing each other on campus, working and playing together through LAMP student groups, and studying together in our LAMP courses feels like coming home. That's one of the best parts of being in this program. LAMP is our community, and this is what matters to us:

  1. Setting up our home base in the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences, where we can study what we're passionate about.
  2. Getting super-strong business credentials via our major in Management + Human Organization or our honors certificate in management.
  3. Making a difference in the world through the enlightened leadership skills we acquire here.
  4. Landing great jobs and starting meaningful life paths.
  5. Studying and having fun with other LAMPers—a unique group of students who are smart, multi-talented, and part of our network for life.