Diversity + Inclusion

One Perspective is Never Enough

LAMP (the Liberal Arts + Management Program at Indiana University) works—by our motto, our course offerings, and our community—to affirm the essential value of difference in all its forms. We believe that we think better, we act better, and we are better for engaging seriously with the diversity of human experience. Our curriculum is built around looking at business and management from multiple perspectives, recognizing that the creation of wealth for some has often depended on or resulted in the impoverishment of many others. As demonstrated by examples from the “pink tax” and workplace dress codes to housing discrimination, immigration restrictions, and the offshoring of jobs or profits, difference in the modern economy has been more often exploited, stigmatized, and weaponized than it has been celebrated or embraced—we learn about these structures in order to change them.

We are committed, both individually and collectively, to building an inclusive community, sustaining mutual respect, and fostering academic achievement. At LAMP, we want to support all our students—and especially those who face unfair hurdles and threats because of their skin color, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, citizenship status, sexuality, gender identity, and/or social class—as they make the world a better place. Please consider LAMP House your home: if you need something (a quiet place to study, a sympathetic listener, information about scholarships or internships, a glass of water or a cup of coffee), our doors are open. We want to help. And please know that while LAMP asks you to look at things from multiple viewpoints, we will never tolerate racism, sexism, xenophobia or other forms of prejudice and bigotry, because those attitudes shed no light at all.