Honors Alumni

The community of LAMP alumni is full of amazing people, leading productive and fulfilling lives.

You'll find LAMP alumni going just about everywhere and doing just about everything. LAMPers are leaders in a vast range of fields that include medicine, law, education, government, the nonprofit sector, and the arts. Others work as consultants, financial analysts, and business analysts in investment banking, marketing, and public relations.

Connect with Current LAMP Students

We also welcome your help as LAMP student mentors. If you'll be coming to campus and you'd like to talk with current LAMPers, or you'd like to make your email address or phone number available to currrent students, let us know by filling out the form below or contacting the LAMP office. And if your current organization is looking for talent, please help us get the word out to LAMP students looking for internships and employment after graduation. 

We'd Love to Hear from You! 

We’d love to hear from you, and we'd love to let you know what's been happening in the LAMP program since you've graduated. You are welcome to fill out and submit the form on this page to update us with your current contact information and life or career events and accomplishments.