Leadership Opportunities

Turn on your inner leader.

It's a profound experience to make something happen—to lead with your own vision and transform the environments and events in your world. LAMP provides an ideal home base for students who are preparing to become the next generation of advisors, managers, directors, activists, captains, conductors, deans, pioneers, and pacesetters.

Nurturing Thoughtful Professionals

Wise leadership requires a range of knowledge and aptitudes. LAMP builds leaders by taking all the attributes of insightful, successful leaders into account—and by providing the many different kinds of learning experiences that produce them.

  • LAMP courses give students a balance of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as training in public speaking and organizational management.
  • LAMP student groups and special programs provide critical teamwork and community-building exercises.
  • LAMP honors sophomores get intensive teamwork, community building and problem solving training at the annual LAMP leadership retreat at Bradford Woods. The retreat is organized by the LAMP Student Advisory Board, a LAMP student group that emphasizes gaining leadership skills.
  • LAMP students meet LAMP alumni and friends who are leaders in their fields through our programs in professional and executive leadership.