Student Features

Student Features

  • LAMP Student Kate Bangert - Pharmacy Technician

    Meet Kate Bangert, a LAMP Honors sophomore studying Media Advertising. Kate works as a pharmacy technician at Genoa Healthcare, and has been traveling throughout Indiana to fill in at pharmacies affected by COVID.

  • Mike Pitz: Full Time at The Home Depot

    Meet Mike Pitz, a senior MHO student with a minor in marketing. Through his studies and extracurriculars, he’s discovered how on- and off-campus involvements can lead naturally to networking opportunities and a career after college.

  • LAMP Student Zuri Cassell - FedEx Worker

    Meet Zuri Cassell, a sophomore LAMP honors certificate student. Cassell began working at FedEx this winter, typically covering the 4:00-8:00 am shift. He likes the hours because he can “work early in the morning, and still have much of the day left for school and other responsibilities.”