Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board ("the S-A-B") members are the most visible student leaders in LAMP. That's because we make all the magic happen! The SAB acts as a liaison between LAMP students and LAMP administrators, plans and runs major LAMP events, organizes LAMP philanthropic efforts, and generally keeps LAMP running.

Bradford Woods Retreat

The SAB organizes the big annual leadership retreat at Bradford Woods, where new LAMPers are introduced to the LAMP community. This extremely fun, all-day event happens every fall.

Other Programs and Events

The SAB also creates many of the LAMP programs and events throughout the year, making sure we all get together regularly for great times—and that all students get involved. What we do is a little different every year, but here are some examples:

  • Philanthropic endeavors, like clothing drives for local low-income children
  • Events like LAMPFest, which get LAMP students involved in the larger IU community
  • Gatherings like Trivia Night, where we hang out with other LAMPers

Student Recruitment

The SAB plays a key role, along with our friends on the LAMP Marketing Team, in recruiting new LAMPers. Setting up information tables on campus and hosting information sessions and informal discussions in the residence halls are some of the ways we spread the word about LAMP.

LAMP Community Ambassadors

The SAB helps LAMPers connect to our community—and improve it. Every semester we create and publish the LAMP Link newsletter that covers all things LAMP. We also administer an annual survey to gather students' experiences, ideas, and wish lists. The survey results are used to strengthen the LAMP family and provide even better opportunities for students.

How to Join Us

The Student Advisory Board takes applications for membership every fall. Student members run the group and also select all new members. For more information, get in touch with us at