LAMP Alumna Kate Adams – Focused on Sustainability Across Industries and Borders

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Kate Adams (B.A. ‘19, International Studies and French) originally came to IU wanting to major in International Studies and “something pre-med.” After taking a few science courses and attending live clinic observations, her focus shifted from medical school to broader issues of sustainability, international relations, and business.

Adams soon learned about the Liberal Arts and Management Program Honors Certificate from some of her upperclassmen friends. The program piqued her interest. “I thought it would be a great way to develop some marketable skills and gain exposure to key business topics, while still maintaining an interdisciplinary perspective.”

Her business, medical, and international interests came together during a study abroad summer in 2016 in Botswana, where she observed at local clinics and learned about Botswana’s healthcare system. She also studied abroad in France, where she further developed her language skills.

Adams now works as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company. “I really enjoy the relationships I build on each project, both with my team and the clients. I also love the amount of learning I’m able to do each day. My projects have spanned industries and capabilities, exposing me to many different businesses and types of work, while the fast-paced nature of the job continually challenges me.”

Adams recently completed a six month externship in Nairobi, Kenya through Bain’s Externship Program. She worked with a clean energy company called BioLite to develop its short-term growth strategy, especially for marketing their “clean cookstoves” (a crucial technology lacking in many parts of the world).


“I gained a new perspective during my time at Biolite, “Adams reports. “Their rapidly growing company is both much smaller and much more dynamic than some of the more established multinationals I work with… It’s also really inspiring to be working for a social enterprise, where sales growth translates into fewer greenhouse gas emissions and improved quality of life for the low-income customers who buy [BioLite] products.”

Outside of work, Adams explored East Africa where highlights included “white water rafting on the Nile, seeing the mountain gorillas in Uganda, and going on a safari in the Maasai Mara.”

Adams believes that her LAMP education helped her land her current role at Bain. “LAMP opened up incredibly valuable career resources for me. It also taught me how to engage critically with unfamiliar content, which has been invaluable in a professional setting.” Adams encourages all students interested in business to take advantage of the Kelley School of Business resources to which LAMP students have access, such as the Consulting Workshop in which she participated.

Adams thought LAMP was “a ton of fun” and believes it is a great way “to gain some concrete skills while exploring really fascinating cross-cutting issues.”

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Feature compiled by LAMP Alumni Relations Intern Gabriella Rami; edited by LAMP staff.