LAMP Alumnus Pronoy Datta - Challenging Conventional Thinking as a Consultant

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Today, we introduce you to Pronoy Datta, a 2019 Management and Human Organization (MHO) graduate. Datta is from Houston, Texas, and originally came to IU to pursue a Finance major through the Kelley School of Business. While Datta enjoyed his courses, he wanted to expand on the technical nature of his business classes and study other topics, as well. As he explains, “I prefer to look at business problems from broad perspectives.” His advisor introduced him to the MHO major, which encourages students to think about how the business world works and to examine critically the role of business in society.

After graduating, Datta went to work as a Change Management Consultant for IBM (International Business Machines), based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In this role, he assists companies in updating their tech systems and ensures that their transition from old systems to new goes smoothly. The problem-solving and thinking-skills learned from his MHO classes have proven very valuable. Datta explains, “The whole philosophy of ‘one perspective is never enough’ is directly applicable to my job…I think LAMP does a great job of challenging conventional ways of thinking, which is extremely important in my industry.” Overall, he thinks that LAMP taught him “how to learn.” He enjoys his current career, and would eventually like to explore work with start-ups or in venture capitalism.

In his free time, Datta enjoys watching and playing sports, including golf and basketball. Due to his interests in finance and investment banking, Datta also enjoys researching companies, investing in stocks, and monitoring the real estate market.

Datta’s biggest piece of advice for current LAMP students/MHO majors is: ask questions in class! And don’t just ask them of the instructor. Hearing others’ opinions is always a crucial part of the learning process. He explains that when students participate in class, they understand the material better. “My biggest takeaway was that there are many stakeholders involved with any given problem; not just the ones that are obvious.”

Thank you for sharing with us, Pronoy! We love to hear from our alumni about their various professional experiences. We invite LAMP alumni of all ages to fill out our Stay in Touch form on the LAMP website.

Feature compiled by MHO Alumni Relations lead Gabriella Rami; edited by LAMP intern Makynsie Bancroft and staff member Laresa Lund.