LAMP Student Alisha Januck - Starting Her Career at Macy's

Monday, November 15, 2021

Meet Alisha Januck IU senior studying Management + Human Organization (MHO).  Januck originally came to IU pursuing a Finance major in the Kelley School of Business,  however, she realized that she wanted a major that allowed her to explore multiple interests. After switching her major twice, from Finance to Public Management to MHO, she finally felt at home joining LAMP.

LAMP gave Januck confidence, something that she lacked when first coming to college. Although she was never particularly shy, she felt intimidated when asked to speak up in class and feared offering a wrong answer or bringing up a controversial opinion. When I began my LAMP courses, I realized my hesitation to speak up had begun to diminish, and I felt more comfortable over time.

Januck was grateful to carry this newfound confidence into her internship position at Macy's last summer. As a buyer on the Kitchen Electrics and Personal Care team she worked virtually, reporting thatIt was a very fast-paced, meeting-heavy, and interactive internship. She believes that LAMP prepared her well for this type of work environment. During my internship at Macy's, I never once felt less educated or less prepared to take on the tasks or projects that were assigned to me. Januck received a full-time offer at Macy's in the Merchandising-Buying and Pricing Strategy Executive Development Program and looks forward to starting soon after graduation.

Januck has pursued leadership positions in several on-campus organizations in addition to her studies. She is a member of Greek life on campus and has served in multiple leadership positions for her sorority ranging from executive chair for Public Relations and Alumni to member of the Apparel Committee. She was also an officer for the Retail Studies Organization and is a part of the Safe Sisters Organization, Best Buddies Program, and the Spoon IU Club. She is also an active member of LAMP, introducing alumnus Brian Lannan at the Working for a Better World event in September.

Preparing to graduate in December, Januck looks back fondly on her MHO courses. The senior capstone with Professor Spang was my personal favorite class. The amount of engagement within the class created a pleasant environment to attend every week. To this day, it is still one of the most unique and rewarding courses I have taken at IU. Januck has one piece of advice to give to all current and new MHO students. Challenge yourself to not only excel academically but to take time to enjoy what you are doing in the meantime. Take classes that you love and find the major that is right for you it has worked well for Januck!

Thanks to Alisha for talking to us about her experiences at IU and Macy's! If you are a current LAMP or MHO student with an interesting experience to share, feel free to email us at

Feature compiled by LAMP Alumni Relations Intern Gabriella Rami; edited by LAMP staff.