LAMP Student Elliott Obermaier - Applying LAMP Skills to Both Professional and Extracurricular Interests

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Meet Elliott Obermaier, IU Senior in the LAMP honors certificate studying Anthropology with a Music minor. In search of a practical program to add to his Anthropology major, Obermaier decided to look into LAMP. After talking to some older friends in the program, Obermaier decided that LAMP would be “the perfect synthesis of Kelley’s signature skills and a more holistic approach to business perspectives.”

Obermaier has been able to draw on these skills through his work at music marketing and PR company rock, paper, scissors, inc., where he interned as a marketing and campaign development intern his junior year. He was able to work on a variety of different tasks including writing pitches to Rolling Stone, studying music news trends, and helping AMPED, a vinyl record supply chain company, with consumer analysis. “The professional writing and Excel skills I learned in LAMP boosted my confidence going into the internship. More importantly, the soft skilled that I honed through LAMP helped me excel in my work with different sectors of the company.”

Obermaier has also combined his LAMP skills with his love for music in his extra curriculars, too, and even spearheaded a new music networking organization called Bloomington Delta Music. Since its inception during Obermaier’s sophomore year, it has grown to be one of the largest clubs on campus. Bloomington Delta Music gives students the space to explore their passion for music, while also encouraging them to connect with other musicians. While he devotes the majority of his time to Bloomington Delta Music, Obermaier has still remained involved with the Shoemaker Innovation Center, IU Outdoor Adventures, and Students for a New Green World.

As he looks back on his experience in LAMP, Obermaier remembers how much he loved LAMP-L216: Perspectives on Black Markets with Professor Michael Morrone. He mentions that “Not only was Morrone an incredible teacher, but he tailored the assignments to our interests, resulting in far more interesting research. You can learn more about this course from a recent interview we did with Professor Morrone! Obermaier offers this advice to new LAMPers: “Initiative is required for you to thrive in a place like IU or in the job market post-college. Don’t expect people to constantly reach out and help you find your interests. Instead, be the person that reaches out, asks questions, and understands how they can excel in the presented situation.” Obermaier certainly exhibited this sort of initiative during his time in LAMP, and he looks forward to his fellowship in the Venture for America Program in San Antonio, Texas upon graduation.

Thank you to Elliott Obermaier for telling us about his experiences in LAMP! If you are a current LAMP or MHO with an interesting experience to share, feel free to email us at

Feature compiled by LAMP Intern Mary Kate Ausbrook; edited by LAMP Staff.