LAMP Student Emma Sherman: "LAMP made me a better person because it allowed me to tackle problems from multiple perspectives and it brought better people into my life.”

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Senior Neuroscience major and Human Sexuality minor, Emma Sherman, is very thankful for everything LAMP has offered her in the last three years. Sherman joined LAMP after she ran into LAMP students who were out tabling, and “the rest is history.”

About her time in LAMP

Sherman is appreciative of all she has learned through her Neuroscience major, especially because she plans to go to medical school. That said, she says that her major alone could have never provided her with the breadth of knowledge she has acquired through the Liberal Arts and Management Program. LAMP has helped her develop skills in data analytics, Excel, and writing. She has also met many diverse students and alumni through her courses, LAMP events, and her participation in the LAMP Student Advisory Board.

“I know that wherever I go in the future, I’ll be able to find a LAMPer.” She advises younger students, “The people that you will meet through LAMP are your greatest resource, use them. Take advantage of the multitude of brilliant people that are, and were, a part of LAMP. Enjoy your time and consider getting involved with SAB for a chance to broaden your horizons.”

Favorite course

Sherman had trouble choosing her favorite LAMP course, as she enjoyed them all. “Money, Power, and Sex,” taught by Dr. Alisha Jones, was a class that particularly piqued her interest. She and her classmates were given the opportunity to analyze the roles of gender and sexuality through music. “We spent time on topis such as intersectionality and hyper-masculinity, while understanding the history of various music genres such as hip hop and R&B.” Sherman was appreciative that she was able to take a course that covered such a variety of topics, since courses in her Neuroscience major focus mostly on science.


Sherman is a part of the Student Advisory Board for LAMP and is very enthusiastic about recruiting new students into the program. You may even see her tabling around campus this spring! “SAB created a space where I could learn how to make changes in an organization for the betterment of my peers. It taught me a lot about how to handle the responsibility of others needs in a way that greatly benefitted me when taking on other leadership positions.” Sherman is also captain of the IU Crimsonettes Dance Team, is a part of the American Medical Women’s Association, and volunteers at the IU Health Hospice House.

Future plans

Sherman has planned to go to medical school and work as a doctor since childhood, but first, she plans to take a gap year. “Initially, I was very against the idea of a gap year – I was scared that I would never be motivated enough to come back to school. But I have rare flexibility at this time in my life, which allows me to take a gap year and enjoy my young adulthood before eight more years of [medical] school.” Sherman plans to travel, find a job and spend some time doing volunteer work. After her gap year is complete, Sherman will go back to school to live out her dream of becoming an OBGYN.

Thank you, Emma, for talking to us about your experiences in LAMP, and for offering such great advice to your classmates! If you are a current LAMP or MHO student with an interesting experience to share, feel free to email us at

Feature compiled by LAMP intern Gabriella Rami; edited by LAMP staff.