LAMP Alum Ivana Chen - Account Manager at Google

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Today, we are featuring Ivana Chen (Economics BA, 2014). Originally from Carmel, IN, Ivana came to Indiana University to study Economics with a minor in Spanish, but she later picked up another major in Telecommunications as well as the LAMP honors certificate. Ivana was interested in Telecommunications because she loved filmmaking and wanted a fun, “passion” major along with Economics. She heard about LAMP through a friend, and decided that adding a business focus to her studies would give her an added edge. In fact, Ivana was connected with Google at a recruitment dinner offered by the LAMP program!

Ivana currently works at Google, and has since her graduation from IU in 2014. As an account manager, she helps travel clients succeed advertising on Google Search, Display, and Youtube. She loves her job because it gives her the ability to work with incredible people who make her job fun, and she has the flexibility to create her own projects. Also, Ivana loves that she has the ability to “think like an owner” and proactively bring ideas to the table.

Ivana was a very active student and continues to be an active alum of both Indiana University and the LAMP program. She is always happy to help students that reach out to her for any sort of college or career advice.

Thank you, Ivana! We love hearing from our alumni young and old. We invite all LAMPers to fill out our Stay in Touch form on our website.

Feature compiled by LAMP intern Makynsie Bancroft; edited by LAMP staff Laresa Lund