LAMP Alumnus Carey Ransom - Helping Companies Start, Launch, and Grow

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

In today’s alumni feature, we introduce you to Carey Ransom (1996; Economics BA)! Ransom is originally from Frankfort, Indiana, and planned to study something business-related when he first came to IU for undergrad. However, once he discovered LAMP, he “felt like the program was created for him,” and pursued an Economics major as well as the honors LAMP certificate

After starting or working in early-to-growth stage technology startups for most of the last 20+ years, Ransom launched a venture studio called Operate in 2019. Operate invests in early stage startups and offers additional hands to jump start the development of their client companies. Operate’s goals are to help companies start, launch, and grow more capital efficiently and more predictably. Ransom advises startup companies and community innovation groups because his passion is “encouraging more entrepreneurs to pursue big ideas and solve critical problems with businesses.”

Ransom attributes his success to his curiosity, desire to learn, and willingness to bet on himself. He explains, “I have frequently pursued roles that I describe as '50% jobs,' where I understood half of the role and knew I’d need to learn and figure out the other half.  Those challenges excite and energize me, and I’ve found those roles often exist in earlier, innovative companies where much of the business foundation and operating systems are still being determined.”

Ransom explains that LAMP has been important to him on a few levels. First, “it solidified a foundation of understanding about the value of diversity in an organization – thought, background and capabilities.” He also believes LAMP significantly increased his critical thinking and problem solving skills. “The program broadened my awareness of the multi-constituency nature of business – it goes way beyond shareholders to include customers, employees, vendors, partners and the broader community. LAMP fueled my curiosity, encouraged lifelong learning and built a confidence in me to continue to invest in myself on that journey.”

Ransom’s advice for current LAMP students is, “Invest in the foundations of multi-disciplinary learning – appreciating different points of view, adapting and evolving in a rapidly changing world, and developing skills across and understanding a complex organization.  These capabilities will be far more valuable in our world than technical skills that may be increasingly automated and commoditized. Be curious, be bold, believe in and bet on yourself.”

Thank you, Carey, for sharing with us! We love to hear from our alumni about their professional experiences. We invite LAMP alumni of all ages to fill out our Stay in Touch form on the LAMP website.

Feature compiled by LAMP Alumni Relations intern Makynsie Bancroft; edited by LAMP staff Laresa Lund.