LAMP Alumnus Benjamin Londergan - Expert in Financial Technology

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Meet Ben Londergan (1998; Mathematics BA)! Londergan knew he wanted to study mathematics when he started undergrad. Later, he added an economics minor, a French minor, and the LAMP certificate. Londergan was a Wells Scholar and learned about LAMP from the Wells Program Director at the time. He knew he didn’t want to become a teacher, professor, or researcher, and LAMP allowed him the variety to diversify his skills. Londergan explained, “LAMP provided the PERFECT blend of business and science, particularly applied science TO business practices, so I really loved it.”

In the first 16 years of his career, Londergan worked at Group One Trading, where he served as Chief Executive Officer for a decade. He then served as CEO of LiquidPoint a leader in advanced options technology and routing services. Shortly after, Londergan joined PEAK6, a large hedge fund and business operator in Chicago. He explains, “I have been very fortunate to continue to find good roles that suit what I am looking for in my career. I also serve on several boards, which has been great to help round out my experience.”

Today, Londergan is the Chief Operating Officer of CarAdvise, a startup company with a digital marketplace for automobile maintenance.  He is also senior advisor for Belvedere Trading, an equity derivative market making group. The group sends in prices for securities, allowing the public to see up front pricing and providing a continuous price for the end consumers. Regarding his career, Londergan states, “I love working with people, and I love being creative about how to solve, or resolve problems. I enjoy creating a strategic plan, and then looking to implement that plan."

Londergan expressed that LAMP “has helped immensely” in his careers. “It’s been really great at bridging the theoretical and the practical.  It’s been great for applying 'data science' or math, to every day job situations.” His advice to LAMP students is to “stay flexible in terms of your expectations. Don’t think that where you are today is where you have to be tomorrow, or the next day. Be a sponge for ideas and information. Focus hard on what your strengths AND weaknesses are, and play to, or try to direct your career towards your strengths. Be patient, it will take time for your career to develop. Finally, focus on enjoying the small aspects of day to day life, and focus LESS on the longer term goals. I don’t know a single person who has achieved a goal, small or large, and felt ‘indefinitely happy’ afterwards. Enjoying life is about enjoying the small things, not what car you drive, what your title is, or where you live.”

Thank you, Ben, for sharing with us! We love to hear from our alumni about their various professional experiences. We invite LAMP alumni of all ages to fill out our Stay in Touch form on the LAMP website.

Feature compiled by LAMP Alumni Relations intern Makynsie Bancroft; edited by LAMP staff Laresa Lund.