LAMP Alumnus Nathan Kong - MSIS Candidate, Business Technology Scholar

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Meet Fanyang (Nathan) Kong, a 2019 LAMP honors graduate. Kong is from Shenzen, China and came to IU as an international student. Originally, Kong knew he wanted to study a social science, and started pursuing a BA in Sociology. As he continued with his studies, he realized he had interests in technology and business, too. After meeting with advisors at the Walter Center for Career Achievement and with advisors in LAMP, he decided to add a BS in Informatics, a minor in Urban Planning, and a LAMP business certificate into the equation.

After graduation, Kong chose to pursue an MS in Information Systems (MSIS) at the Kelley School of Business. He has been able to combine his technical background in informatics with his business knowledge from LAMP. He explains, “To be a business leader, you need experience with communication, consulting, strategy, and managerial skills. This is exactly what LAMP gave me, and I really wanted to apply these skills in the business world.” After MSIS, he hopes to work as a consultant in the technology implementation realm (doing data analytics and system configuration), or to work in software development for a tech company.

In the business technology world, projects tend to be very fast-paced. Kong says that his LAMP education prepared him for the quick thinking required in his field. “The most important thing that LAMP gave me was the ability to think more critically, and analyze issues from every aspect. I can catch on to projects quickly, identify problems, and think about questions from many angles.”

Kong’s message for LAMP students? “In my experience, I’ve learned that having curiosity and an eagerness to learn are really important. LAMP opens a door for students interested in the liberal arts, and lets them explore opportunities behind that door. Those opportunities include meeting new people, working in business, joining organizations, and learning more about technology. I hope all LAMP students have a thirst for knowledge, and always remain passionate about learning new things.”

Thank you, Nathan, for sharing with us! We love to hear from our alumni about their post-grad experiences. We invite LAMP alumni of all ages to fill out our Stay in Touch form on the LAMP website.

Feature compiled by LAMP Alumni Relations Intern Makynsie Bancroft; Edited by LAMP staff Laresa Lund